Hope in Järva


Hope in Järva is a vision for social cohesion in Stockholm. It was by a few people in IofC Sweden who were challenged by frustration and anger of the immigrant community in the region of Järva. Hassan Mohamud and Rishabh Khanna felt that, they could apply some of the learning’s from Hope in the cities, IofC USA, where many of their friends and colleagues have been working on race, reconciliation and trust building and transfer that knowledge to the Järva region.


The Järva region is located in the Northwest of Stockholm, consisting of the two city districts Rinkeby-Kista and Spånga-Tensta. As of 2012 the population of the area was 86,154 residents, making up 9.7% of the population of Stockholm. One of the region’s most distinguishing characteristics is its percentage of residents of “foreign origin”: 79.7% for Rinkeby-Kista and 57.1% for Spånga-Tensta, compared to the city-wide average of 30.3%. By “foreign origin” the statistics provider means those born outside of Sweden or those born in Sweden but with both parents born abroad. Additionally, the area is largely singled out as a “hot spot” for trouble using statistics on unemployment, criminality and school drop-out rates.